Leather Garment Care: Your Standard Dos and Don’ts!

The majority of leather garments do come preconditioned, which is a main selling point for most Sales Assistants.  Our jackets and leather clothing do come preconditioned as well, but we do suggest that you condition them again after purchase.  Preconditioning procedures, of course, vary from factory to factory, so using a leather stripping cream and then reconditioning it would be the best option.  It is a labor intensive process, though.  When in doubt, just condition.

We get many questions about leather getting wet, especially the more delicate garment leathers (Nappa Lambskin and Kitskin).  It is not life threatening if leather gets wet!  Consider that the cows, sheep, and goats are out in the rain during their lifetime, therefore your coat CAN withstand the rain.  Garments and jackets are meant to be worn to fit your lifestyle, so do not overly pamper them!  Wear them proudly!  There are some simple tips to help you keep your beautiful leather jacket/garment looking new.  Please refer to your climate below for advice!

Dry Climate: Condition at least 4 times a year, and always condition after getting the jacket/garment even slightly wet.  This will help avoid cracking.

Wet Climate: Use a waterproof cream or spray 4 times a year.  If your climate is extremely wet, waterproof every 2 months.  Condition the garment/jacket, wait till it is completely dry, then waterproof it.  This will help keep the leather looking new after using the waterproofing coat.

Snow/Salt: Salt is a killer for leather, because it dries out the natural oils, which leads to cracking.  Imagine yourself after a long day at the beach!  Your skin needs moister!   Salt also stains.  The best way to remove salt is to use a very soft sponge, dampen it, and lightly press the sponge on the affected areas.  If the salt is dry, it will be much easier to see how well you are removing it.  It is best to try to use the sponge before the salt has dried.  After you have done this, recondition the affected area.

**If you live in an area that has many climate changes (i.e. the mid-western states of America), we recommend that you condition it 4 times, and waterproof only during the wet season.  Waterproof it once again at the end of the wet season.  This last waterproofing will last throughout the occasional summer showers.

Storage!  Always store your leather garment/jacket in a cloth bag.  Leather needs to breathe!  Do not seal it up in a plastic bag.  If your bag did not come with a cloth bag, and all you have is plastic, then put holes in the plastic and do not tie the bottom.  Store the garment/jacket at room temperature, preferably in a dimly lighted area. Try NOT to fold it.

Products to be on the lookout for: Zymol leather care kit, Meguiars Gold Class Cleaner and Conditioner, Lexus leather care kit.  When in doubt, consult a luxury car dealership.  The majority of leathers used in their interiors are the same kinds of high quality leathers used in garment and jacket production.


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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