Scarves Are Not Just Fashion Accessories…They Are Fashion Statements!

Ever wonder what to do with that beautiful silk scarf you purchased on a whim?  Or are you a collector looking to expand your knowledge on new ways to use those versatile scarves for the upcoming summer season?  We have many new colors and patterns of 100% Italian silk scarves, which has inspired us to play!  Often when people think of scarves they think of something quick and easy to wrap around their neck or hair that dresses up or down an outfit.  This seriously limits the beauty and utility of the scarf!  I’ve been thinking out of the box(shirt) so to speak, and have come up with some whimsical summer tops using our new silk scarf collection.  Below are two of my creations.

Jungle motif silk scarf halter

For this simple halter, fold a 90cmx90cm square scarf into a triangle.  We used our silk scarf  jungle safari motif.
*Tie a simple knot by using the two corners of the top part of the triangle.
*Make sure the lengths of the corners, after you have tied the knot, are long enough to be wrapped around your neck and tied again.
*Once you have done this, take the other two corners of the scarf (the long side of the scarf should be wrapping around your mid stomach) and tie them behind your back.
NOTE: a 90cmx90cm square scarf can be used for sizes 0-4.  4-8 sizes should use 140cmx140cm square scarves.

This plunge halter style is much more elegant, and can be matched with a skinny jean for a fun night out on the town!  This how-to is slightly more complicated, and needs two scarves.  I used two of the same style of our split design paisley and flowers pattern for an element of symmetry, but with color variation.
*First fold two scarves into triangles. Lay them on a flat surface with the long sides of the triangle touching to make a diamond looking shape(♦).
*Tie the two top corners together in a double knot. This will be the knot that sits behind your neck.
*Next you must decide how low you want your plunge neckline to go.  I did it just below the hollow of the ribcage.
*Once you have decided that, make a circle with your thump and index finger.  Take both scarves, at your desired length, and pull the fabric through the circle like you would a napkin and napkin ring.  Remember this knot we are about to make can be as big or small as you want depending on the amount of fabric you pull through.
*Once you have made the knot you will have two scarf corners remaining.  follow the edge of the scarf on both sides till you come to the first  corners.
*Tie these around your back at the same level as the knot at the front.
And Voila!  Remember the length of the last remaining corners hanging down is depended on where you decide to make plunge knot.  This is a great style because it can vary to accommodate your bust size!
NOTE: a 90cmx90cm square scarf can be used for sizes 0-4.  Sizes 4-8 should use 140cmx140cm square scarves.

So if it is 90 degrees and too hot to handle, or you are looking for something fun to take on a beach vacation without overloading your suitcase, these cute tops are sure to fit the bill. Pull out your old scarves, and get creative!  We would love to hear advice for improvement on our creations or new ideas!  Comment with a new idea and we will be sure to try it out with some of our fun new scarves, and of course, you will get all the credit when we put it up!


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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One Response to Scarves Are Not Just Fashion Accessories…They Are Fashion Statements!

  1. greta says:

    Those are so pretty! I love playing with my affordable silk scarves and finding new ways to wear them. I’ll definitely have to try these out!

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