Feeling The Easter Blues Pastel Style? There Is No Need To Miss This Food Indugent Holiday Just Yet!

Easter is the last holiday in the line up of indulgent holiday meals.  This is usually the final caloric plunge we take before cutting back to salads and strapping on the weights to get ourselves ready for the summer bathing suit season.  Therefore the half price easter candies and party favors are much more enticing.  Why not stash away some malt robin eggs in the freezer, or some jelly beans for the occasion treat?  This light hearted as well as light colored holiday is full of expectation for  summer.  So why whisk it away so quickly?  Below are some recipe ideas we’ve come up with to help you continue your easter candy indugence for those steamy summer nights!

Robin Egg Cheesecake!
Instead of using the same old graham cracker crust, why not mix it up with some crush robin eggs?  Malt balls are my family’s favorite, and overdosing just for easter doesn’t leave us satisfied!  I have substituted 3/4 of the required amount of graham cracker with crushed robin eggs, I have also picked out the colored chocolate bits and added it to the cheesecake batter to add a splash of color for summer!
Better Homes and Gardens supreme cheesecake recipe

Peep Rice Crispy Treats!
This super easy recipe is a fun way to liven up the standard rice crispy treat!  Substitute peeps, in whatever color you prefer, in place of marshmellows.  1 peep tends to be the same as 1 jumbo marshmellow.  The extra colored sugar adds a bit more sweetness to this low cal treat.  More color and more sugar, what kid would say no to that!  A great addition to the summer cookout!
Kellogg’s Rice Krispy treat recipe

Jelly Bean Jello!
You might be thinking, “whoa, sugar overload!”, and you would be absolutely right!  We are just following in the footsteps of the person who decided to put bits of bubblegum in bubblegum ice cream.  Remember Jello also comes in sugar free low cal packs, so those few jelly beans wont break your diet.  Pick your favorite fruit combinations and have fun!  I’m a strawberry jello with pineapple jelly beans kind of girl!
Jell-O sugar free low cal recipe

And for all those expats in Italy like myself, here is a tip that is sure to catch your party guest’s eye.
Instead of using normal serving dishes for your desserts this summer use the halves of the chocolate pasqua eggs!  Buy the eggs as small or as large as you like, carefully break the egg along the seam, and put the halves in the freezer until you are ready to use them.  They make great serving dishes for tiramisu, strawberry shortcake, or a mascarpone inspired desserts.  Too timid about breaking the egg?  Heat up a knife and slowly move it along the seam to allow for easier separation.


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