Pierotucci New Bag Line Reveal! Presenting Fortunata

In today’s market few consumers are indulging in luxury items. Disposable income has dropped, which has led most financial conscious minds to weed out the wants and focus more on the needs. The Fotunata bag, however, has a healthy mix of both. Fortunata is produced in three different materials: canvas, leather, and precious leather. This allows the price conscious consumer to select the bag more suited to their style and pocketbook. A good well thought out purchase on an item you know you will use for years can be just as gratifying as an impulse splurge, even without buyers remorse! In many ways Fortunata fits the bill for both need and want.


canvas strap close up

Also, due to Fortunata’s practical design it fulfills the requirement of buying something useful. The bag can be worn in three different ways: using the canvas strap on the shoulder or crossbody, allowing the top part of the bag to become a flap, attaching the canvas strap to the top toggles allowing the whole bag to hang, or removing the canvas strap and using the leather shoulder handles for an under the arm look. Using the shoulder handles also elongates the bag allowing for items such as computers and document folders.


lemon yellow Fortunata with beige contrast

The dual use of the Fortunata bag as a crossbody bag and potential office bag lends more to practicality and less to luxury. The bag also has an outside zip pocket for easy access to smaller items such as: keys, wallet, or cell phone. This is not to say the Fortunata bag doesn’t satiate the need to splurge on our desires. The playful color combinations give each bag a personality that is congruent with its owner. Accessories, practical or luxury, should speak something about their owner’s individuality, therefore the line is also limited in quantity. An individual bag for an individual person! Six is he maximum we have produced of any one Fortunata bag design. Normally, and especially with our leather bags, the use of one color combination is produced up to four times. This makes every Fortunata bag a limited edition item, giving each bag and air of uniqueness. Many color combinations are also produced singularly, meaning only one bag has ever been made. This is especially true for our precious leather Fortunata bags, which are made in crocodile and pony leathers.


logo/production number

Fortunata’s theme also ties in with the consumer’s ability to select a bag perfect for him or her. Finding the right kind of material in your preferred color scheme for a price that pleases you is not any easy thing to find these days. Finding something like that truly makes you feel like you’ve lucked out. This is why every Fortunata bag comes with a leather charm. The charm is a little red chili pepper. The chili pepper or “pepperoncino” is one of the most potent symbols of good luck in Southern Italian culture. These little charms are sold just about everywhere, and can be seen in hanging in cars, around necks, and cell phones. The another discerning adornment on the Fortunata bag is the tic-tac-toe logo printed in leather and sewn into the bag’s bottom right corner. The logo serves two purposes, both in accordance with theme of the bag. The tic-tac-toe board is an obvious reference to a game, and every game tends to have a bit of chance and luck to it. Secondly the layout of the board allows us to demonstrate in a creative way the amount of that specific material/color scheme that have we produced. It is displayed like a fraction where the number of the bag is in the top left corner of the game board and the corresponding overall amount is in the bottom right corner. This lets the consumer know that his or her bag is, for example, the 2nd bag made out of 6. This logo adds the finishing touch to Fortunata bag, and best represents the individuality, uniqueness, and theme of the bag.

p.s. I hope the previous global fortune posts have now been explained!


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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