In The Pageant of Distressed Leathers, Campomaggi is Emerging as Queen!

It is hard to imagine that any fan of distressed leather has yet to hear about or see the beautiful creations of Marco Campomaggi.  Many designers of distressed leather don’t quite seem to be able to capture the art of truly aging leather, and producing bags that compliment that style.  Campomaggi, however, has not only seemed to have mastered the art, but as also become a contender in bag design as well.  Pair the two and you’ve got yourself a designer on the rise!

The majority of Campomaggi’s bags have a certain rustic masculine look, and while many women admire his work, they tend to be less inclined to invest in one of his works of art.  Campomaggi is due to change all that with his new 2011 collection.  Many bags in his new collection has a distinct feminine air, which compliments more than contrasts with the antiqued rustic leather.  Campomaggi’s use of woven leather, softer lines, and strategically placed studs has added an element of whimsy that is undeniably attractive.

On our showcase today are four new Campomaggi bags that cover a variety of tastes.  An antiqued camouflage dyed backpack with a rugged edge definitely appeals to the adventurer at heart.  The leather used for this bag is particularly soft, giving it a worn slouchy air.  Big on space, and with  many addition pockets, this backpack is made to be a workhorse.

The camo motif also comes in a more briefcase based style.  This bag is for all those seeking the comfort and utility of a crossbody, shape for a computer or documents, with a unique youthful appearance.

The must stunning in my opinion is our new version of a doctor’s bag.  This distressed leather bag is shaped like an old style doctor’s bag with an opening to match.  The real charm, however, is in the inside.  The lining boasts all the accouterments of a handbag with the zip pocket, cell pocket, and added details. This lovely bag comes in a dark brown or cognac.

Lastly is Campomaggi’s twist of a briefcase satchel.  This bag has all the dimensions of a briefcase, but with all the casual comfort of a satchel.  The large flap can be adjusted for three differently lengths to accommodate whatever you want to carry.  The buckle strap can also be removed to turn the bag into more of a briefcase than a satchel.  The inside is divided by a leather/cloth sip pouch, allowing for valuables to be stashed away, and all other items to be organized as necessary.

You can check these bags out on our Facebook page for more details.  They will go live on our website early next week!  Also stay tuned for a post about Campomaggi’s sister company Caterina Lucchi, the feminine version of distressed leather handbags!


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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2 Responses to In The Pageant of Distressed Leathers, Campomaggi is Emerging as Queen!

  1. Pierotucci says:

    -Client response to new Campomaggi “Hello! Bag arrived safe and sound and it didn’t take that long. GREAT bag
    for the Ipad. The only discrepancy I note is lack of pen loops; ck the bags and consider taking that part of the description off he website. The size and construction is perfect for the Ipad since the dividing pouch when it has an Ipad in it rests against the back wall. Plenty of room in the front part for files, etc.
    Cheers, T D’E.”

  2. Pierotucci says:

    Fantastic news that the bag arrived so quickly. Well done postal service (makes a change!)
    Re the pen loops, I have the bag in front of me and if you look inside the flap there are in fact two leather pen loops stitched between the underside of the leather handle. At least that’s what we interpreted as pen loops as Campomaggi do not provide us with any detailed descriptions of the bags. We have also tested out a couple of different pens and they fit. I hope that your bag has not had the pen loops missed off by Campomaggi in error.

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