The Many Faces Of Braccialini: Practical to Complete Whimsy

The Braccialini house has been a name in Italian handbag design since its humble beginnings in Florence, Italy in 1954. Carla and Roberto Braccialini have built their handbag enterprise from the ground up, demonstrating their finesse in the market and intuitive creativity in handbag fashion. The Braccialini fashion house definitely defies the rules of shape, pattern, and theme that are embedded in the diverse world of handbag fashion. The Temi, Temini, and Tua lines are creations of the world of whimsy for the client who wishes to have a bag that not only represents their unique personality, but are also one of a kind. The main logo brand Braccialini exercises practicality to balance their other three brands. Braccalini bags are simplistic in nature, and are made to be the “everyday” bag you just had to have. Still a bit confused as to what this all means in terms of handbags? Below are in depth descriptions of all four Braccialini brands.

Temi: Temi bags are like nothing you have ever seen before. Each bag is made to represent an animal or object, and are therefore amazingly unique. Each bag must have a pattern cut specifically for its production. An astounding amount of craftsmanship and detail go into making every temi bag, defining them as extremely limited in number. Temi bags are the epitome of whimsy, and are for the confident woman who wishies to express her creativity and fun-loving spirit. Every year a limited amount of new temi bags go on sale in Braccalini boutiques worldwide. I’m a personal fan of the mushroom and India elephant bags!

Tua By Braccialini: The Tua (yours) line by Braccialini is a combination of practicality in terms of shape of the handbag, but also mixes in the wild creativity that Braccialini is famous for. There are multiple categories of Tua bags, ranging from normal tote bags with bright sorbet colors to women of the world themed bags that represent a woman with an iconic image from her culture. Tua bags also dabble in over-the-top colorful flower motifs, playful everyday scenes, and geometric patterns. If you are not quite sure about carrying a Temi bag, but still love the themes and uniqueness, then Tua is for you. With 15 different categories to choose from, you’ll be hard pressed to not like at least one!

Temini: The Temini line of handbags are designed in a variety of classic handbag shapes and styles. The leather used is very structured, and gives each bag beautiful lines be it hobo, crossbody, or hand-held. The structured leather however is printed with fanciful miniature images ranging from taxi cars and suns to bees and rocking-horses. Reminiscent of the Magic Circus line by Piero Guidi, these comical patterned bags are definitely for the lighthearted crowd who still appreciate quintessential handbag designs and shapes.

Braccalini: The Original label boasts of 20 categories with a plethora of designs, muted or vibrant colors, and motifs. This is the line where playfulness is understated and utility shines through. The original line consists of everyday bags with pizazz for those who admire the uncommon without being too outlandish. Muted browns, toned stripes, and vibrant palates make up the diversity of hues, while stitching techniques and detail work make each back distinctive in a subtle way. In short the Original Braccialini line is too varied to be able to go into much detail. You have to witness the perfect blend of creativity and practicality for yourself to understand how Carla Braccialini and her team of designers have managed to take the trademark whimsy of the brand and develop it for the sassy modern day woman.


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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