S/S 2011: Furla’s Cash In On Candy and Pierotucci’s Lucky Break

The main theme of S/S 2011 fashion hasn’t been focused on revolutionary shapes, innovative patterns, or revamped interpretations of a past decade’s popular trend. Instead S/S 2011 has been all about bright, bold, in your face colors. Handbag designers worldwide have pulled out the color palettes, and delved into transient world of shade definition. Balenciaga, always known for their courage with colors is a prime example of the variety of tones we have seen this season. They have showcased a sunshine yellow, military green, deep pink, and blue toned lilac. Their F/W 2011 collection also has one of the most eye popping reds I have ever seen. Balenciaga, though known for their daring colors, isn’t the only brand making a wide color splash this season.  Most premier designers have pulled out the stops on colors, and demanded only the best in artisan dying and tanning.

Furla, a well known label in Europe and Asia, has also followed the trend with their new Candy line. Candy consists of classic bag shapes in brighter than life colors. These are the colors you see on those poisonous tropical fogs! The line is also produced in PVC rubber, which helps clarify the low price tag, but adds weight in comparison to classic leather or straw totes. Furla Candy has been making quite a few heads turn, despite the weight issue. I have seen on various fashion themed forums, as well as received calls here in the factory, concerning the stock, color, and availability of Furla Candy bags. They are also famously cheaper than other premier designer bags, which allows the fashion conscious woman to splurge on a trendy bag for the summer. The Candy colors are also present in their classic leather handbags. The brightness becomes vogue in faux croc, reptile, and pebbled calfskin. A passion fruit faux croc tote would turn my head any day! Candy is also represented in the shoe and sunnies category. Candy’s vivid colors are available in heels and flats, and are reminiscent of Jellies, though with the touch of chic that seems to be incorporated in all “Made In Italy” marks.

At Pierotucci, we somehow unknowingly stumbled onto the color scene as well. Our latest and greatest design, Fortunata, is necessarily produced in a plethora of colors due to the large stock of leather we amassed . For the sake of reaching a more trendy market, we took all these different colors and expanded the palette even further. The majority of our color combinations contrast and highlight the variety of brights and undertones of each bag. Instead of playing it safe by comparing bright body colors with neutral accents, we went bright on bright with select bags. We did however take into account that those bold overlapping colors only work for certain people, ergo bright oranges, yellows, and deep reds are also paired with neutral creams, blacks, and beiges. We are also lucky in the sense that our bags hit the color market at the right time, but with an added amount of utility that most seasonal bags lack.

Every handbag has different uses for different owners, but we like to think of Fortunata as the go to bag for everyday chic. Its large enough to be categorized as a tote when worn by the handles, but also has the option of crossbody and folding if your day’s needs don’t require you to carry along as much. I recently helped a college student pick out a navy patent leather with white accents, and I have to say it is one of the chicest Fortunatas we have. It dresses up plain jeans and a blouse with out looking completely out of place. Furla’s Candy and Balenciaga are also fantasic brands for this affect! So if you can’t afford Balenciaga’s price tag, or can’t bear Candy’s weight, then check out Fortunata!

3-way shoulder tote

3-way long crossbody tote











3-way crossbody fold over tote




About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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2 Responses to S/S 2011: Furla’s Cash In On Candy and Pierotucci’s Lucky Break

  1. Awesome Collection of Handbags!!

    Its looks nice and easy to handle, they are brighter in color and present in classic leather bags too.

    Thanks for Sharing

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