Perks To Beating The Heat When Traveling

Most travelers flood Italy during the scalding hot days of summer.  This is understandable considering most like to take their yearly holidays when it hot and sunny.  Who likes to stay inside and work when summer is upon us right?  I would advise however, a change in season should your yearly vacation be focus on the Italian peninsula.  Enjoy your weekends off in nearby areas and save that precious paid vaca time for the fall.  What exactly are the benefits of postponing your trip?  Well there are a few..

First and most importantly Italy is hot hot hot during the summer months.  It is also crowded to the gills with tourists from all reaches of the earth.  You will have to wait in never ending lines under a relentless sun with vendors possibility trying to sell you overpriced bottles of water.  Fortunately the city of Florence has installed a few pure water stations so tourists are able to freely fill their bottles up.  If the heat, crowds, and astronomical prices don’t scare you then maybe the lack of entertainment will be enough to tip the scale.  The Italian summer, August in particular, becomes rather devoid of life, unless you are at a popular beach town.  Italians vacate their beautiful cities and piazzas to escape to the mountains or the coast, meaning that almost all sagras, festas, and fairs happen at later dates.

Fall in Italy is not only just as beautiful as summer, but pleasantly warm enough to take a stroll with a light jacket.  September and October are also the season for almost all food and wine festivals throughout Italy, and I believe this to be enough of a motivating factor considering all Italian based vacations also center partly around food.  Lines for all museums and attractions also tend to be drastically shorter!  I remember Piazza Santa Croce in Florence tends to put on quite an international food festival around the beginning of October which precedes a satisfying artisan beer fest.  Please follow the links below for specific festivals and the regions in which they are held for the months of September and October.’s rather comprehensive guide to Italian fall festivals and goings on for September and October


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