One of the color themes for the upcoming season 2012  is the vintage garden floral print from the fashion forecast in textile.

Textile print is not common to see  on the outside of the leather goods. Most of the time the print is created and seen only on the inside lining.   In this case, when there is a printed or floral lining the leather is usually done on solid colors specially earth tones such as brown, black, white, ivory, red, blue, green and in some cases when we are talking about fast fashion,  the manufactures use synthetic leather or plastic to make the production easier and less expensive.

For 2012, designers have taken their inspiration to the next level. They want to offer more options to the clients. A lot of romantic floral textile will be seen on the fashion runway for next season.  Companies are risking by creating prints all over.

Digital Print Campo dei Fiori on Leather

Campo Dei Fiori Wallet

Print over leather is not an easy task to do since the skins are treated differently.  It is a process that has to be done before the skin is ready to use for the construction of the leather goods.  Why is it not common to see printed leather?

One process is digital print on leather and only recently has it been getting more popular by  manufactures and designers.  They are using this technology on shoes, leather garments, accessories and bags.

There are different processes, such as screen printing which is an old technique and digital printing fairly new on the market.   A lot of designers have found the use of digital printer more convenient than the screen printer.  Designers find that digital printing is faster and more desirable since it leaves the leather soft and supple not altering its original state  and  is more durable as opposed to screen printing which has  a longer process  using dye sublimation print and changes the feel of the leather.

Campo dei Fiori Organizing Wallet

Campo dei Fiori Organizer

Pierotucci uses the new digital printing technique on lamb skin for its Campo dei Fiori collection.  This designer handbag collection was inspired by one of the well known squares in Rome  called Campo dei Fiore, translated it literally means Field of Flowers.   The textile vintage floral print reflects the name of the collection with its floral  print in light colors.   The soft and supple lambskin is also sturdy and resistant, making it ideal for small leather accessories that get continuous use such as wallets, organizers and coin purses.  Pierotucci has focused on using models that are stylish, practical and yet very feminine, making this leather goods ideal for slipping in your larger purse, your luggage  or work out bag.  The designers have chosen to finish the handbags, coin purses and wallets with a solid color accent on pocket lips, around the zipper and button closures.  The collection has a selection of sizes and shapes, they are extremely adaptable, lightweight and the design is clear and appealing.


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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  1. TRACY says:

    to print all over, do you need to use specific leather like lambskin? thanks

  2. TRACY says:

    Thanks for your question. Printing all over leather is not an easy task. It is recommended to print all over on a lighter leather such as Lamb skin because the colors will be absorbed better in the skin. Printing motifs over a thicker leather is not a soft look and it is not attractive.

  3. My sister was in fabric design in the 70s. Her first job out of college was in mens suiting fabric….there was a lot of purple that next season, as it was her favorite color. LOL So, based on that, are you into gardening?

  4. I love the idea of printed leathers. I wish they were more readily available. Beautiful collection! I also love the name of the collection. Seems like digital printing on leather is going to be something we will e seeing more of! I’m looking forward to it! Great post!!

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