Travelling Tuscany Italy with Toscanella

Torre del Mangia in Siena

Pierotucci works  on the assumption that everyone should travel to Tuscany, and when they do – they should be travelling in comfort with the perfect companions.  In fact these travelling companions  should let you rest easy while admiring the medieval squares in Siena, getting lost in the winding streets Lucca or market shopping in Florence.
While in Siena you can’t miss the lovely Piazza del Campo where you will find the Torre di Mangia, which to this day remains a beautiful combination of simplicity and elegance in its design. The curious name of the tower derives from its first bell ringer, Giovanni di Duccio, who was nicknamed Mangiaguadagni and who was commissioned to ring the hours in 1347.  If you had an Italian Grandmother you would have heard the word Mangia often , it means EAT! – the second half of his nickname was “earnings”.
We are not sure if this means Giovanni ate his way through his earnings   OR   since he was paid to simply ring the bell – maybe the name comes from the fact that he ate up the taxpayers earnings… in either case we are sure that his travel bags were made of the same type of leather that are used in the Toscanella designer handbags.

It’s a simple idea but when you are travelling in another country with all those strange coins, it is absolutely the most perfect idea. This coin case below is the ideal container for storing all that change you get back while haggling in the market place. Most people let them fall to the bottom of their handbag but when you think that a 1 Euro coin will get you a cup of coffee and a 2 Euro coin will buy you breakfast – They are really worth keeping track of them. Great to know that you can put your vacation rental key on this key ring and always keep that safe and secure.

Tosanella Leather Coin Case with Key Ring

Tosanella Leather Coin Case with Key Ring

But for those of you that prefer to keep all your documents, travel ID, bank notes, credit cards and credit card receipts organized then you are probably looking for something just a bit larger than the coin purse. This bill fold has all the extra compartments you will ever need to hold all those little pieces of paper that you accumulate while travelling abroad.

Toscanella Italian Leather Credit Card Wallet with strap closure

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The very same pieces of paper you want to have when you calculate your refund at the Duty Free Desk at the airport or when you add up your travel souvenirs will be easy to find when you use one of the 4 large pockets or 18 credit card slots.

Toscanella Italian Leather Credit Card Wallet with strap closure

Toscanella Italian Leather Credit Card Wallet with strap closure


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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