Yummy! Focaccia bread with mushrooms and Mortadella lunch meat

Nothing like taking all of my favorite ingredients and piling them high (Blondie/Dagwood style) on some home baked, hot out of the oven, focaccia bread! Tuesday  night, in anticipation of the Florentine Derby game (which we will talk NO MORE of) I rushed home to make a special dinner treat for me and my already “nervous about losing the game” boyfriend.  Earlier at lunch I had prepared my world famous pizza dough a/k/a focaccia bread and let it rise for the afternoon in my steam heated oven. (500 grams flour, one block of yeast and warm water q.b.)
I came home to find that it had risen perfectly and was still rather moist and soft…just perfect. I spread it out high, and following the directions of a pizzaolo that I saw on an Italian cooking show, I didn’t manipulate it too much.  If you lay it out and it pulls back, then you should wait a minute or two and re-stretch it so that it “naturally” folds out to the right size.

What had attracted both us of to this recipe was the use of porcini mushrooms (now in season here in Tuscany), mortadella lunch meat and the use of fresh ricotta cheese.  So you put some fresh mushrooms on top of the focaccia, a sprinkling of salt and pop it in the oven till well cooked.  While you are waiting for the focaccia to become toasty golden in color, you will prepare the remaining mushrooms into a trifolata.  That means chopped up rather loosely, add a dash of olive oil, salt, fresh chopped garlic and at the very end a pinch of peperoncino.  Sautee till done soft.

Once the porcini fragrant focaccia is taken from the oven and placed on the cutting board you can spread the trifolata on top and then layer the mortadella. The final touch is the creamy ricotta spooned on the top.



and gorge!

Sorry no pictures, we were too eager to taste, to wait for pictures.  I only wish that the game had turned out as good as the focaccia.


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  1. Grayson Gill says:

    Excellent post once again. Thanks=)

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