What do you think of the Furla experiment?

Furla Candy Designer HandbagSometimes it is just so much fun to walk through the store and look at all the new models coming in –  a little bit of professional window shopping if you may, checking out the competition (their styles, colors and descriptions).  We work with so many handbags by Italian designers that every month we have something new on the floor.  Personally I window shop in the area where I know that my wallet can afford the sudden impulse to buy – but who doesn’t get a little curious to see what “the other half” buys and I will find myself  wandering over to check out some of the other brands. And by other half, I don’t always mean the rich and famous.  I mean those handbag fashionistas who know all the latest styles and colors – those who can look at a fake Louis Vuitton and know its a fake. These are the people that I consider the other half.   I am the other half, I select my bag on durability, practicality and looks.

Since the majority of our hand bags are made in Italian leather I was just a little shocked to find a bag in rubber among the top brands.  Directly from the site:

The Candy Bag – the boston bag launched by Furla last season which immediately became a best seller and an icon of the brand’s innovation and creativity – is now the linchpin for new experimentation: from a series of special editions in highly original materials, including the super-trendy version in rubber and python-print calfskin, to an interpretation by the artist Sissi.

I must admit it reminds me a bit of those Barbie hand bags that they include with a complete outfit which is accessorized with shoes, gloves and handbag, but if you can get over the obvious plastic look to it there are a couple of good points. Furla Candy Designer Handbags It doesn’t loose its shape or color when it gets wets and we all know what a plus that is.  The downside is, if you really intend to use this as your everyday handbag, that there are no inner pockets or compartments.  That would not be conducive to my perpetually state of un-organization.  Personally I like all those little pockets, compartments and dividers to keep my keys away from my lipstick away from my hairbrush and away from my credit cards.  But then I guess that is where all those fun accessories come into play.

The new colors that are out for Spring 2012 a wonderful shades of pastel – with light blue, pinks and my favorite color which is called “malt” – I don’t know if my preference falls here because of the similarity with the word malt balls and the images of chocolate that swims before my eyes or if I just really enjoy the warmth of this yellow. A hue that comes across very feminine but extremely versatile with the wardrobe.

Fortunata Designer Handbag in Malt yellow

Fortunata Designer Handbag in Malt Yellow


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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