His and Hers in Leather and Lace

Leather lace jacket from PierotucciWe are seeing it all over the fashion scene, the use of leather to accent clothes, handbags,  and leather jackets and what’s more its the creative use of leather that is so much fun.  Several designers have been showing a wide selection of  bags and jackets and throwing in variations on the theme with elaborate corsets, harnesses and masks, a little beyond my comfort zone, but if you are looking at fashion it is hard to ignore.

Italian designers in particular have been playing with using leather and lace – well actually its more like lace made out of leather.  Caterina Lucchi and Pierotucci have spiced up their collection with some lacy accents.  In particular, a designer leather jacket created for the Spring / Summer 2012 collection which uses a leather lace trim reminiscent  of the eyelet fabric with a 1950’s vintage inspired daisy design.   Leather lace at cuff and jacket edging

Usually the Italian cut in a jacket can be a bit demoralizing since they usually nip and tuck where an American, Brit or Aussie would rather insert a pleat or dart, however this particular jacket is cut true to size.  You could even say it has a tendency to lean a bit more towards the ego stroking.  A model at 5’7″ 160lb can easily fit into a size 46 leaving plenty of room for a cashmere sweater or tee underneath.  What’s fun about this jacket is the simple cut is softened by a feminine touch of frill around the edges.

Also very noteworthy are the unique Caterina Lucchi handbags created by a designer straight out of the central part of Italy.  One of her newest trends is leather totes and clutches with a mix and match of washed leather and varying leather lace designs.  Her bags are normally large, bulky and ornate while always maintaining a feminine flair to them with pastel colors, tassels or in this case, a patchwork of lacy leather designs.Caterina Lucchi Designer Tote bag with leather lace accents

And as for the his, we are seeing lots of leather accents on the runways.  Though we haven’t quite reached leather lace on the jackets, designers like YSL are showing wool and tweed jackets with contrasting leather sleeves, collars, edging and shoulder or yoke patterns.  Especially noticable are the two tone jackets, where the sleeve is black or dark brown leather and the body of the jacket is in a softer, paler shade of woven material.  YSL leather accents on clothing for 2012However if we want to find the lace, there is a new look with Campomaggi where they are offering a  stark contrast by adding some frills.  They are using laser cut leather lattice (say that 10 times fast!) on their men’s totes.  The rugged washed-leather body of the bag and the over sized metal accessories (all or which are traditional characteristics of Camomaggi)  are offset with the two exterior pockets covered in leather lattice lace.  I find it rather surprising that they have managed to add this touch without detracting from the distinctly masculine feel that distinguishes the Campomaggi style.  Though perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised, Campomaggi has had an enormous success with their bags and this is just another example of offering the public not only a style that is out of the ordinary but also catering to those addicted to the trendy market and who require something new to ohhh and ahhh about.Campomaggi Tote with external leather lattice pockets 2012 Collection

The Pierotucci Italian Leather Factory proudly carries on the Florentine tradition of designing, assembling and selling handmade genuine Italian leather bags, jackets and accessories such as wallets, gloves and belts. They are based in Florence and surrounded by the beauty of the Chianti vineyards, the perfume of delicious food and a culture rich in art and craftsmanship.


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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