Not everything that blooms in Tuscany is a

sunflower. . . and I am here to tell you that

black eyed susans in Tuscany Italythough many like to combine these two things as if it were the only flower that ever bloomed in all of Tuscany (yes they do bloom and it’s for a very short period in July and some part of August.) Sunflowers are by no means the only flower in all of Tuscany.  You can also find orchids, iris, fired zucchini flowers (yum, but off the subject) and ….

my all time favorite wild flower – possibly because Fall is my favorite time of the year –  the yellow ox eye daisies.  These beauties sprout up along side the road and fields of grain. They are bright and colorful.  The shade of yellow is every so slightly towards the orange side, giving it one of those classic fall colors.  And they are resistant. If you pick them and pop them in a vase, they will last …. for what seems like forever.

So when Pierotucci talks about the 7 classic colors of Tuscany which make up the Pierotucci collection of Toscanella Italian leather handbags and accessories one might think that the yellow hue refers to those bobbing sunflowers but I perfer to see it as the classic yellow heliopsis (aka black eyed susan), which resembles the sun and has yellow petals (that darken towards the tip) with darker centers or eye.  When you look at any of the Toscanella Italian leather tote bags or handbags you can see how this warm yellow is reminiscent of the black eyed susan’s.  In fact, this vegetable tanned yellow colored leather shows darker and lighter hues depending on the lighting.  And when combined with the terracotta colored edging its clear there is a call back to this lovely wild flower.

Toscanella Italian leather handbags and blackeye susan yellow

This shade of yellow is as versatile as a classic black or dark brown.  Surely, it’s not to be considered a neutral color but this color matches well with so many of those standard Fall colors (shades of brown, biege, orange, dark green and black). Just think of adding a pair of Porselli ballet flats or a canvas and Italian leather belt to those othersie droll fall colors and see what happens.

Toscanella leather belt It is exactly the perfect color for accessorizing.  Combine this color with some neutral  Fall colors and you have not only a splash of color – but a personality statement.  A bold color that has forever represented excellence  – simply think of a gold medal!

It’s also a color which has also traditionally conveys the idea of warmth and cheerfulness . . . which are exactly what one is looking to say when those fall temps start to shift.

In otherwords, I am here to say that though sunflowers are spectacular AND meticulously cultivated in Tuscany it is perhaps the wild beauty of a yellow daisy that truly captures the rustic elegance of the Toscanella Italian leather handbags.


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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