Take a bite out of the Big Apple with Braccialini Designer Handbags

Your first kiss in NYC with Braccialini Designer Handbags from Pierotucci

It was your kiss, my love, that made me immortal. – M. Fuller

But it will surely be Braccialini designer handbags and accessories that bring it to life each time they relive that first romantic kiss.  This is exactly what Braccialini excells at, taking a moment in time, a wistful daydream or a fanciful thought and transform it into a collage of handsewn leather appliques to create  an escape from a sometimes drab day into a world of make believe.  At first glance it wold be easy to brush this off as child’s play but that truly does not award merit to the intricate piecework that goes into each and everyone of the the Braccialini designer handbags or leather accessories.  Just look at the 3D deatil on the tree in NYC Central Park – this is craftsmanship that only an adult can appreciate.

Braccialini is the number one Italian designer for bringing whimsical moments to life and incorporating them into an everyday essential  item.  This eco leather handbag and ladies clutch wallet are from the Braccialini line called CARTOLINE, translated from Italian into English this means postcards.  And how appropriate!  They have made a list (and have checked it twice 🙂 ) to make sure there is an assortment of must see locations – NYC, Prague, North Pole, Baveria and Paris (to name a few) then they have recreated the best known monuments and moments and applied them to a line of classic shoulder bags and hand totes.

Braccialini, Porselli and Pashmina from Pierotucci

Braccialini Designer Accessories, Porselli Ballet Flats and Pashmina Scarves from Pierotucci

Another delicious designer located right here in Florence Italy, Braccialini has a wide range of designer handbags in 100% genuine leather, eco leather (a type of recylced leather) and canvas.  Not all of their bags are as elaborate and intricate as the the CARTOLINE or TUA SPRITZ line but perhaps the most characteristic bags from the Braccialini designers are those that evoke memories, fantasies and daydreams.  Just like the bling gems which are hand sewn on the Love in New York designer handbag, creating those skyscrappers which make New York City so memorable so do the Braccialini handbags and leather wallets – create a jumping off point for your next sweet memory.

Braccialini and Skyscraper gems on Designer handbags from Pierotucci

Braccialini and Skyscraper Gems, Bling and More


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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