Why is choosing a gift for a man so difficult?

Pierotucci Italian Leather Accessories and Gift Items

Could it be because I am a woman, and I need to get into the “male” mindset? Or could it be that there just doesn’t seem to be as many reasonable and economical gift ideas for a man as there are for the female gender? Or maybe the whole idea of giving a gift “just to give a gift” makes me rather uncomfortable? Searching for a gift should cover the 3 basics

speak to me about the receiver
practical yet a little bit of a luxury for the receiver
say something about the giver or the moment that the gift is commemorating

Only at this point does the object really become a gift, one that makes me smile inside, one that makes me feel excited at the prospect of them opening the present as if it were for me!

I have been the queen of unusual but wildly appreciated gifts – like when I gave my 35 year old brother a DIY paper airplane book or when I found an antique perfume holder for my sister’s wedding present at a Tuscan market or the leather coin purse personalized with her name for my little niece (or maybe it was the 10 dollar bill I added – hey that’s a lot of money for a 10 year old!)  But alas, not everyone on my holiday shopping list will comprehend my sense of selection. They want something “different” (something not to be re-gifted, or better yet something that hasn’t already been re-gifted).

I mean, how about that brother in law that you really hardly know BUT you gotta like him because he puts up with your sister (who knows where he gets the strength) or how about if you get a colleague at work as the gift exchange partner, y’know the one down the hall that you only see while dashing in for your 4th cup of coffee of the morning (and he’s the one that just emptied the pot!) These people deserve thoughtful, brightly wrapped boxes as much as the rest. These guys fall into the category of good old fashion standby items.

1. Designer Italian silk tie
2. Leather gloves
3. Fashion jewelry
4. Leather wallet

Italian designer silk ties

Look no further than a dressy statement from Moschino, Gianfranco Ferrè or DKNY in silk or wool to make an outfit shine. Every guy needs at least one tie in their closet from a fashion designer – even if it’s just to say sure, I have a tie but I never where it! Personally, when picking out a tie I like to look for a design that is totally off the wall, like daisies or a jazzy plaid. But this category probably requires the standard mono tones . . . which can be nice as well, right?

Leather gloves speak luxury to me (especially if you are getting them for someone who lives in a warm climate.) Now if it were for me (or any female cohort) I would be looking for something silk lined or with a fur trim – definitely not a pair of black leather gloves – definitely something that says PERSONALITY! However, since I am not searching for me, my eye always strays towards the unlined leather driving gloves. Tell me a guy that hasn’t day dreamed about cruising in their new Porsche and I will show you a … ok no need to exaggerate but my assessment is that a guy with driving gloves will feel like he is in race car day dream.Mens leather driving gloves from Pierotucci Italy

Fashion jewelry is always a tough one, because it requires knowing just a bit about their personality (where as gloves just require a guess at their hand size). BUT. It is also one of those items that I think most guys secretly wouldn’t mind having but would never be caught dead buying one for themselves. Very “manly” (without spending too much on gold or silver) are the numerous stainless steel options from Nomination jewelry including those classic pieces like cuff links or tie clips – these are those pieces that every well dressed man should have sitting in his leather valet tray (another cool gift idea) for that special moment (even if that special moment is the girls day dream…)

Another good standard gift which fits almost everyone’s wallet is . . . a handmade leather wallet. I’m not talking about one of those imitation leather or plastic jobs with a surfer or some tacky fluorescent writing on the side. I am talking about a handcrafted masterpiece that makes you feel like a millionaire when you pull it out. And y’know what would make this extra special – at no extra cost, get it monogrammed with their name, initials or even a special phrase. P.S. Tradition has it that you should always gift a wallet or coin purse with a bit of money inside – I like to throw in a lucky penny!


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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