Two Belts in One! Pierotucci’s Leather Gems

Italian leather reversible belts

Pierotucci men’s elegant belts are the ultimate in styledesign and choice of high quality materials. Among the reversible black and brown 3 cm belts you can choose your buckle from a rich assortment of fashionable designs

How fabulous are these interchangeable belt buckles from Pierotucci – guaranteed Made in Italy. All it takes are three easy steps and you can change the color of your belt from a black calf leather strap to a dark brown leather strap.

So here’s how you can change your look in three easy steps.  First things first. Choose from our vast selection of belts online The belt buckles come in two different styles, the classical buckle with the center prong or the panel buckle with a short prong used as a clip.  The buckles shown to the right are both for 3 cm (1.18 inch) wide belts.  This width is ideal for either formal or casual pants, though not normally indicated for jeans.

MADE in ITALY belt buckle with interchangeable clamp
Arrow indicates released clamp for the leather strap.

Step one:  Open the clamp at the end of the belt buckle.  Easiest way is to insert a screw driver to pry the clamp open.  Work it carefully so as not to scratch the leather beneath. Your Made in Italy gold or silver tone belt buckle will open so you can easily remove the strap.

Now in most cases you can simply turn the belt around and change your look by going from black to brown.  However, if you have other color leather straps that are the same width as the belt buckle slot, you can interchange them as you wish.

Interchangeable leather belt buckle
Once slot is open you can take out and put in new strap.

Step Two: Extract the leather belt strap. Leave the clamp open and pull the leather strap out, being careful not to scratch the strap on the open clamp. Select the new leather strap (or turn it over for the reversible color) and insert it back into the buckle slot.

Step Three: The last step is to close the clamp. It will require a little bit of pressure, if you are going to tap the clamp down with a small mallet, be sure to cover the belt buckle with a soft cloth so not to scratch it.

You’ve done it! Two leather belts in one – these are fantastic belts for today’s demands of travelling light!

Italian leather reversible belt
Belt Buckle with closed clamp.

3 replies to “Two Belts in One! Pierotucci’s Leather Gems

  1. Do you have any men’s reversible belts in Black and either a tobacco or chestnut brown instead of a dark brown? Also, how long does it take to ship to Connecticut in the USA as I need for a gift?

    Thank you!

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