4 Steps to Slipping into the Perfect Fit Leather Jacket

Italian leather jackets from Pierotucci for 2012You don’t need rocket science or be able to speak fluent Italian to get a good fit on a leather jacket bought on the internet.  Afterall, a jacket, skirt, vest or pants handmade from Italian leather is the kind of item that you would like to get it right the first time around . . . between shipping, customization and customs costs!  Not to mention if we can create an app to identify your favorite song and the words, or one to virtually tour you around Tuscany – one should be able to get a perfect fit in the style that they like – and why not, even the color that they prefer.

Just some common sense and these 4 easy steps will get you going in the right direction.

1. Start by carfully reading the description.  A knowledgable and well prepared site will not write a description for the search engines but they will offer a description of the product including the pros and cons.  Look for candid sales staff critiques as well as customer reviews.

2.  Don’t trust standard conversion charts.  So what if you are a 4-6 Talbot? when it comes to selecting  your size you sould always check the cm / inch measurements given.  Especially when the item is a handmade piece, meaning that it was probably designed, cut and assembled without using any modern sizing conventions.  Especailly helpful is to take another item – with a similar cut – and compare the measurements.

Personalized and customized leather jackets from Pierotucci

Personalizations and customizations for leather jackets, pants, skirts and vest requires skilled crafts man.

3. Have accurate body measurements.  This means not only keeping them up to date (don’t use measurements from 10 years ago – in some case not even 5 will be good enought!) AND make sure that you are taking the measurements in the same way the size shart is asking you to.  For example, many times the shoulder measurement in the States from shoulder joint to the neck – but Pierotucci ask from joint to joint.  When you are using your measurement to match up an item – be sure to check if the size chart offers BODY measurements or the measurments of the jacket, skirt or pants.  These are NOT one in the same, a tailor will always leave extra cm / inches when the cut the clothing so that you have room to move.

Leather Clothing Size Chart

Measure shoulders, chest, waist/hips and stomach at their WIDEST point, length in the back and the sleeve.

4.  Make personal contact with the seller. Language barriers just don’t exsit anymore when shopping abroad.  Stores that mean business will have a bi-lingual sales staff on hand to answer your phone call.  Speaking directly with an experienced sales agent is the perfect way to eliminate many doubts about the cut of the jacket, the sizing, shipping and return details, as well as give you confidence in their product.  Listen to how they answer your questions and how they assist you in finding the right fit. If you aren’t sure about how to contact them via phone, a direct email is just as good.  Any reply should be personal – and not a form letter.  Sizing is individual and personal – and that’s the kind of attention you deserve when ordering a jacket – especially if its online.


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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