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Cross body Campomaggi bagsIn all its washed leather glory, Campomaggi once again provides us with a cross body messenger bag meant to impress. Perhaps the size says it all, not too large so you won’t confuse it with a business bag yet with a decorative buckle and strap which adds a touch of casual class. The bag highlights all the “natural” imperfections which come along with the trademark Campomaggi washed leather such as uneven coloring and distorted sizing but these are characteristics that add to the personality of the bag – and perhaps distinguish it as a one of a kind.  However if size is important, always ask the sales staff for the precise measurements of the bag you are receiving because the variation in size can vary from 2 -3 cm from bag to bag.

Front flap magnetic snap on the Campomaggi BagAll in all, what’s not to like about this bag, weighing in at less than one kilo? This cross body bag is a comfortable carry with the adjustable all leather shoulder strap. The details with the Campomaggi bag snaps and hardware in an antique brass color are the perfect match to the deep earthy shades of Italian washed leather. Available in varying shades of cognac leather or dark brown leather. If color is important, it would always be best to speak directly to the sales staff – have them send a photo of one of the Italian leather bags.

Don’t be fooled by the front buckle, the flap actually closes securely with a magnetic snap. The inside of the bag is all cotton lined making it easy to keep clean. The interior compartment has one secure zipped pocket with a pull tab and the phone pocket will comfortably hold a Smart phone or iPhone – tested right here in the shop, the phone will easily slip in and just as easily retrieved.

Campomaggi Cross Body Messenger Bag in Cognac

What’s different? Compare to many other Campomaggi messenger bag, this particular bags has contrast stitching on the external seams including the darts at the base which give the bag it’s depth. The external seams add to the slimness of the bag accenting the fact that the bag is intended for casual wear and not as a heavy duty tote.

What’s there to like? There is an easy to get to back pocket, with a secure zip closure and a long pull tab for quick open and close action. This pocket is lined in the characteristic brown cotton and the soft texture of the material is definitely a plus for keeping your electrical – technological gadgets.

What would could be different? The front buckle, definitely a signature of the Campomaggi bags is a bit awkward and the prong of the buckle sticks out at a strange angle. If the bag isn’t filled, it has a tendency to “flop” around and look a bit unsightly. Easily rectified once you throw in your wallet, phone, (make-up … or smokes).

When  compared to other Campomaggi bags, the price is right for its size and if you mentioned that you saw this review – we will guarantee free shipping on the bag.


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Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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