To my Darling Wife with Love from Pierotucci

Gray colored Italian leather jacket from PierotucciIt is our opinion that Jerry H. from Texas must be one of the most patient and caring husbands anyone could wish for.

He came to our store with his wife and she tried on a jacket (probably more than one!)   BUT they opted not to buy right away, they wanted to “shop around”.  However, it was love at first sight and even while browsing all of Florence, this lovely model was the one she couldn’t stop thinking about.  In the end, she went home to the States empty handed.

Her husband secretly contacted us, sending a photo of her modeling the jacket while visiting the Pierotucci Leather Factory asking our help in identifying the jacket and the size . . . and thus the saga began.

The emails flew back and forth: size and color were the main topics – plus a little bit of good Texan humour from Jerry!

IT HAS TO BE GREEN !  Green is her favorite color.

Even though this jacket came in a light gray color in our store, how could we ignore his plea?
We solicited our tailor to find the right shade of green and he did.  A sensual dark shade of emerald
green in a gorgeous vintage inspired leather – Jerry was enthusiastic, and we must admit we were starting to get caught up in the excitement of the his gift giving.

Next step was confirming the size – obviously Jerry couldn’t go taking body measurements . . . at least not without a good excuse 😉

This was going to be a big Christmas surprise and he knew he was taking a chance.  He told us :

Hey, I usually surprise her with diamonds. Tough to mess up on those!

We were determined that he wouldn’t mess up with this gift either.  She’s petite he told us.  Jerry was insisting she would need a size 40 (What a sweetheart! If only my DH would insist that I am a size 40!)  However our experienced customer service knew that this jacket was cut small and insisted on finding a way of getting some body measurement.  With some careful Mission Impossible work,  Jerry managed to get us her measurements, and we matched them up to one of the girls in the office. Our customer service department has found this to be the best way to assure a perfect fit . . . try it on someone with similar height, weight and body measurements!

The jacket was put into production!

But Jerry was anxious to make this the best Christmas yet

“What about gloves to match?”

We knew that getting the same colour green would be impossible since the quality and type of leather used for the jacket is different from that of a soft pair of gloves so we suggested a complimentary color – a rich chocolate brown classic style kid skin glove. We had some more fun and games sorting out the size of the gloves, with Jerry sending us a picture of her “worn” gloves! But his endless funny comments kept us all in the holiday spirit.

Customized Italian Leather Jacket

Customized Italian Leather Jacket


The jacket was finally ready to be shipped.  As nervous as he was about getting the right size, he told us he would not peek but wait until Christmas Day.  He decided to let his Darling Wife open the box and they would both look at it together.

The result? They were ecstatic. Jerry sent us photos of her wearing the jacket next to the Christmas tree and she looked like a million dollars.

Beverley and Donna
Well we did it !!!!!!  It looks great and she LOVES it.
I thank you sooooo much for all your help.
Definitely a great big  Grazie mille! 
I am sending a few pictures I just took.

Another success story from Pierotucci!


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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