We don’t want to “tote” our own horn but, here in #Tuscany . . .

but here in Tuscany, we got the basics for a complete wardrobe covered.

Designer Italian Leather Handbags, style tote bagsA classic and a necessity would be the basic hand tote bag, which is just as the name suggests, a handbag that is “toted” around by a convenient and comfortable top handle (of course a removable and adjustable cross body strap comes in pretty handy at times.) Commonly used as shopping bags, business totes or a professional briefcase, it’s obvious to see why this is definitely the bag to have around when you need to organize! The basic structure is square or rectangular in shape and usually includes an open top or a zip closure so that one can utilize the entire open space, the practicality of this allows for hauling around large and sometimes cumbersome items that just won’t fit anywhere else.

Italian leather tote bags for kids from Toscanella The versatile nature of a tote bag makes it ideal for strolling the market place, a day trip with the kids, a picnic in the park, a carry on piece for flights and why not? Yes, it looks great as a handbag as well. Perhaps, what makes this bag even more versatile is the wide empty space available! Pockets and compartments are possible – but think of all the “stuff” you can fill into an tote bag. And this is true for adults as well as kids, a tote bag is the ideal travel companion for the under 14 crowd.

What is the normal handle drop for a hand tote bag? It ranges from approximately 10 cm to 16 cm, which is appropriate to slip the hand into but on average not long enough to slip over the shoulder. Many times the nature of a hand tote leaves just enough drop in the handle to easily slip your hand in however, with Pierotucci Italian Leather Factory, it is possible to customize the drop on a bag so that if can go from a hand tote to a shoulder tote with the flick of a wrist. Just another plus when you purchase a handmade quality leather handbag or accessory from a company that has made leather craftsmanship their mission.

Canvas and leather tote bags from Pierotucci in Florence ItalyNot only is this handbag versatile in its use but also in its design. Commonly found in lightweight material such as canvas or even the famous Gherardini “moon silk,” making it easy to carry bag or in some cases just fold it up and stuff it into your more elegant Italian leather handbag. However, craftsman in Tuscany specializes in using one of their favorite commodities, genuine Italian leather. Typically this type of bag is crafted from a slightly rigid leather in order to keep its shape, for example the Toscanella line of leather totes and handbags uses seven different shades of vegetable tanned leather. However, some designers prefer the soft and supple top calf leather which will convey a more feminine touch.

Shopping, traveling, going to the university or carrying your computer from place to place, nothing could be more convenient than a tote bag, and nothing more sturdy than an Italian leather tote bag.


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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