An Italian solution to pushing weight limits to the max

The problem: carry on and travel luggage  weight limits when flying

Solution: Start with a featherweight hand luggage that doesn’t eat into the limits set by the carrier

Gherardini lightweight travel luggage bagsThe incredibly light weight and resistant SOFTY material developed by Gherardini Italian designer bags was designed to substitute leather in designer bags. Created to overcome some of the defects of the leather – it’s weight and tendency to change color and deteriorate with age – the founders of this supple and shiny material developed the ideal answer to the airlines tight control on weight for all carryon luggage and travel bags.

However, that doesn’t mean just because they are exceptionally functional that they lack the natural Italian flair for fashion and design. These all-purpose handbags and travel bags take into consideration the needs of a busy tourist. Not only do they qualify for weight restrictions, but they are so malleable that they fold up into . . . practically nothing. Therefore pack it in your suitcase for when you’re travelling home and need an extra piece of hand luggage or fold a handbag up in your luggage that you have an extra which will complement your wardrobe. Even if you are 1000’s of miles from home, doesn’t mean you can’t look your best all of the time.

Relatively new, the SOFTY (also known as GHE SOFTY) came on to the market replacing early efforts by Gherardini to replace classic leather in designer handbags and luggage.

November 2005, when the GHE SOFTY fabric was further developed using state-of-the-art products that could significantly increase resistance to light and rubbing, keeping their fashion appeal with an improved comfort. –

The fall winter colors are rich dark jewel colors like cherry red, teal, blue and purple or you can select from shiny metallic colors like silver, gold and bronze. But whatever color you select you can be assured that you are toting a bag that is admire far and wide for its versatile style, lightweight characteristics and practical design. Most bags come with a dual carrying option either use the genuine leather top handles or simply attach an adjustable strap in either leather or a rugged canvas. Even the small bags can double as a toiletry bag or insert the cross body strap and you have a hands free purse.

G3345 Carryon luggage for travel made in Gherardini SOFTY

Travelers fall in love with these bags because they can stash an easy to carry backpack in their luggage.  Though these bags are resistant, they are also soft and pliable allowing them to fold down in to practically nothing, taking up no room at all.  This way you can always pack extra rucksack or travel bag to when on tour excursions as a convenient way to store the camera, extra sweater and a bottle of water while touring the sites. After a long day of walking through museums, markets and breathtaking views – everyone knows the lighter the bag the better you feel!

Gherardini bags are the ideal solution when you are looking to mix style and design with user-friendly options.


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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