Get a Handle on Benny Goodmen and Pierotucci | Just keep Roll’em

What does Benny Goodman, his jazz clarinet and Pierotucci have in common? Ok, probably not much  Yet, at the same time both excel in some pretty good rolling.  It’s just that Benny Goodmen does it in rhythm and Pierotucci does it for their Italian leather handbags.

There are several carrying options available when selecting a handbag or briefcase. Until you actually try them out you might just be letting your aesthetic eye pick up the handle however when you are choosing between cross body or top handle – leather straps or rolled handles the best way to  have some hands on action … literally!

The advantage of a rolled top handle is the way it reinforces the shape of the bag, lending structure to the handbag. The soft roll is very comfortable for carrying so it doesn’t cut into the hand. Pierotucci handcrafts all of their own handles and this translates into maintaining the same high quality craftsmanship for all aspects of their handbags.

Each step is completed within their leather workshop in Florence, Italy where talented leather craftsmen and women cut and assemble quality designer leather handbags and accessories.

Renzo is our skilled leather cutter and he will cut each handle, checking the integrity of the leather especially in the area where the handle is cut narrow.  After the leather is cut he will start to cut and shape the clear plastic tubing which is sewn into each handle.

An extra piece of leather is attached to the back side of the leather strap. This will give the bag a longer life span

Once the leather is glued shut then Marina, our seamstress, will machine sew thee edges closed. Before the seamstress can sew the tubing into the handle, the leather and tubing are sealed shut with strong glue. The glue acts as a reinforcement to the stitching and guarantees a sturdy and resistant handle.

The extra leather is cut off and then the new raw edge is sealed and buffed. This is an important step which enhances the leather’s ability to protect itself from harmful humidity and absorbing unfriendly elements in the environment.

The quality of a handcrafted leather bag comes down to the details. Notice how the dangling threads are not just cut off but they are then re-threaded on a hand needle and the edges are finished off with precision. Once the thread has been tucked into the handle it will be cut and sealed, ensuring no unraveling during the use of the bag.

At this point the only thing that remains to be done is attach the handles to the handbag.


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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2 Responses to Get a Handle on Benny Goodmen and Pierotucci | Just keep Roll’em

  1. Elaine Whitman says:

    Since I am about to buy my first Pierotucci Toscanella bag, and it has rolled handles, I was fascinated to see the photographs of how these handles are crafted. Whenever I carry my bag, I will think of Renzo and Marina!

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