There’s More Than One Leaning Tower in Pisa

Did U Know? The Torre Pendente di Pisa is actually a bell tower but it’s not the only one to lean in Pisa for example the belfry at St Michele and St Nicola also lean.    And its not hard to figure out why!  Read more . . . .

377px-Leaning_Tower_of_Pisa_(April_2012)The reason for the angle of the tower is that the land where the tower was built was not solid which should have been clearly obvious since Pisa got its name in 600 BC from the a Greek word meaning marshy land!  So it was no wonder that the land wasn’t supporting the 14,500 tones of marble.

The belfry to the Cathedral of Pisa in Piazzas dei Miracoli housed seven bells in the tower each one with its own name and each corresponding to a note on the musical major scale.

The original tower was started on the 9th of August,  1173 and took 344 years to complete. The reason it took so long to build is that the construction of the tower was stopped twice for wars. The first stop in construction lasted a hundred years and unknowingly this time was fundamental to the settling of the foundation of the tower – otherwise studies indicate it would have toppled a long time ago.

Leaning_tower_bell_PasquarecciaInterestingly enough, the tower started to lean from the very beginning of its constructions. In fact, the tower is actually banana-shaped rather than diagonal to the ground because they attempted to correct the lean at the very beginning. This slight adjustment to the proportions of the tower can be seen in the fact that there are 296 steps on the south side as opposed to only 294 steps on the north side. Only 55.86 meters tall (equivalent to an 8 story building) this is one of the smallest towers to achieve worldwide recognition – it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987.



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