Navigating Leather Belts with an Italian Guy

Toscanella_leather_belt_30_cm_6837_zoomDo you need help finding a good strong leather belt? Through this blog I will try to help you find a beautiful leather belt that is exactly the right length.
The ideal size of the belt is when the buckle is fastened to the third or central hole and it fits comfortably.

To find your ideal size belt I will give you some simple tips:

-If you have a belt that you wear regularly, measure the distance between the hole you usually use and the end of the buckle. This the waist measurement.

-The choice of the size of the belt also depends on how you intend to wear it, especially for women, who often wear it on the hips and not the waist.

 Often you find a belt that you love, but the size is not right! How do I shorten it? Since a belt normally has five holes and should be worn on the third hole – you will not be shortening it by adjusting the holes on the belt.

But there are different styles of leather belts:

-Leather belts:
The first thing to check is if the belt is equipped with a screw or clamp where you can take off the buckle. Some belts are sewn together, and thought this makes it more difficult to adjust the size – it doesn’t make it impossible.  They normally have a more elegant and refined look, but are less practical. At Pierotucci, almost all of our Italian leather belts allow you to shorten the belt quickly and easily. So even in the case of diet or weight loss, you will not have to replace your belt.

Shortening a belt has a very low cost : one or two Euros , and within minutes a shoemaker will make your belt the right size . But if you do not have the time nor the desire , you can easily do it by your self without much difficulty. After taking the measurement, loosen the swivel or the screw. Remove the buckle and cut the unnecessary part of the strap . Use a robust pair of scissors. Even if the cut is not perfect then it can be covered. The most difficult part is putting the hole in the top of the leather where the screw needs to go back in –  this is simple.  Use the piece that you cut (labeled A) to judge where the hole should be on the new piece (labeled B).

Altering the length of your Italian leather belt.And to make the hole? In the absence of a drilling rig :), you can use a knife. The important thing is that the hole allows the passage of the screw. Once done just insert the buckle and tighten the screw , and you’re done!  Of course a leather belt with a clamp has no problems – all you need to do is cut.


-Braided belts and woven elastic
How to shorten a woven belt? It can be done , but it is more complex , especially for the elastic . The risk is that when cutting the strap the weave or elastic opens with disastrous consequences. This has already happened to me 🙂 !! (so I speak with experience) The braided belts do not have holes , so unless it the belt is excessively long there is no real reason to shorten the belt .


But you can still do it! How? The procedure is the same as ordinary leather belts, but there is a trick . The advice I give is: once you have taken the measurement but before removing the buckle, you pass tape around the belt to keep it firm and in place, so that once the cut is made, this doesn’t open. Then I advise you not to remove the tape when replacing the buckle to ensure a better grip over time. Obviously any tape that protrudes from the buckle should be removed . And I recommend that you tighten the screw.


For any information you can contact me on the site!
Also if you liked the blog, you can go to take a visit our belts section on the website, where you will find all our collections (from Toscanella to Post & Co..) in the section  belts for women or have a look at the large selection of belts for men with reversible buckles!!

Greetings from your fashion blogger Andrea … see you next week with a new subject…

Have a nice week guys (and girls)

Andrea talking about Italian leather jacketsComing to you from Florence, Italy, I am an Italian-American guy born and raised in Tuscany (Italy).  I have worked for a couple of years in Milan, the Italian fashion capital and have now moved back  to Florence where I have put my fashion sense to work with Pierotucci S.r.l.  You can find me on our web-site in addition or at 600 square meter showroom just south of Florence towards Chianti.   Pierotucci has been in business since 1972 and specializes in leather, from jackets to bags.  What I like best about Pierotucci?  Everything is made in Italy using Italian tanned leather and Italian made accessories.


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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  1. Thanks for your post.When choosing a belt, keep in mind that you know your exact waist size.Sometimes I need to make a hole in my belt.I will try it .

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