Navigating Leather Smartphone Gloves with an Italian Guy

Cold weather and Smartphone glovesIsn’t it annoying when it’s chilly outdoors and you have to take your gloves off every time you want to use your iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphone, tablet … actually any hand held mobile device and even your camera? Yeah, I know the feeling!

Winter is coming in fact, just the other day in my area the first cold front arrived, and as a habit every year, I went with my friends for a nice holiday in the mountains. For the first time this year, I tested my new purchase the smartphone touch gloves. I was feed up not being able to use my touch screen without freezing my hands off. Actually wearing gloves to keep warm has been quite a bit of a challenge while swiping the phone or tab on my iPhone, at least for me it has never worked.

I suffered chronically with that problem ever since I acquired my first iPhone over four years ago.  Two winters back I had bought these fingerless gloves and I even tried the new fangled removable finger tips , where you just pop off the “fingers” when you have to use your phone, and then put them back when you are done. There were problems with this too:

  • I was never quick in answering my calls — too much time to open the finger slots, then getting to the “green”. (And you know a good Italian never leaves his girlfriend hanging on the phone!)
  • My hands always ended “chilled to the bone.”

Italian Leather smartphone Gloves

Last weekend when I arrived at work, I saw in the “New arrivals” gloves section some good stuff. I was short of singing “Hallelujah” when I saw these well-constructed Touch Screen Winter Gloves.

Yes, these leather gloves are smartphone, iPad, iPhone, tablet touchscreen savvy. This time I discovered a good solution for comfortably using touch-screen devices outside and in the car when it’s cold outside. Now I don’t have to endure freezing cold hands and fingers each time I want to check my email, Tweet or check Facebook for status updates. I carry my pair everywhere I go.

Thanks to a unique conductive fiber that’s woven into all ten leather fingertips of these soft cashmere lined gloves you can type, tap, swipe and scroll on your device and keep your hands warm at the same time.

Cashmere lined Smartphone Gloves

This pair of “smart” leather gloves that U see in the pictures were designed especially for Pierotucci. They are lined with 100% Italian cashmere, so they are truly toasty warm and palm is in genuine leather, where all 10 fingers can now play an important role for all touch screen systems. What makes these gloves even more deliciously warm is the fact that the top part is in a wool / elastic blend. The plus to this . . . is obvious. The gloves don’t have a bulky feel to them and I feel as I have a natural dexterity with my fingers.
All in all, these were an excellent addition to my winter closet . . . and I am thinking the will make an excellent gift item. Small, classic, elegant, practical and above all else . . . Made in Italy.
Greetings from your fashion blogger Andrea … see you next week with a new subject…

Have a nice week guys (and girls)

Andrea talking about Italian leather jacketsComing to you from Florence, Italy, I am an Italian-American guy born and raised in Tuscany (Italy).  I have worked for a couple of years in Milan, the Italian fashion capital and have now moved back  to Florence where I have put my fashion sense to work with Pierotucci S.r.l.  You can find me on our web-site in addition or at 600 square meter showroom just south of Florence towards Chianti.   Pierotucci has been in business since 1972 and specializes in leather, from jackets to bags.  What I like best about Pierotucci?  Everything is made in Italy using Italian tanned leather and Italian made accessories.

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