Winter Snow Storms Help Italian Designers to Decide

By Donna Scharangl

the-duomo-cathedral-with-snow-during-winter-florence-firenze-tuscany-italyYes, it is gray and dreary outside. But inside we are electric with energy! All December we had designers and seamstresses coming in and out of the office, trailing a long line of Pierotucci “wanna be” exclusives – and only as of the New Year have we managed to slim down the impressive selection to 30 new styles.

What are the keys to this year’s styles? Warmth. &. Design.

The first thing we started looking for were designer leather jackets that could put up with the wave of cold temps that have been characterizing our winters. Thus there is a noted addition of shearling jackets, longer designs and real fur accents. This means that not only are the new styles trendy in color and texture but they are also truly practical for all temps of weather.

We have ventured into some really cold weather jackets with the inclusion of the Valtherm padding in one of our men’s black leather jackets. We selected an exceptional nappa lambskin with decorative top stitching accents and then lined it with a padding that has a differentiated density honeycomb structure which creates an internal “air chamber.” In fact, the Valtherm paddings are lightweight and comfortable and are a perfect match to the soft and supple lambskin leather shell.

Shearling lining makes a warm and cozy jacketShearling, the warm and cozy fur is the ideal addition to our winter leather jacket collection because not only is it universally known for its comfort and warmth – but it is also the perfect complement to the earthy tones in our leather and suede coats. This year we have selected designs with a full shearling base as well as jackets with just shearling accents.

Nothing makes a jacket or winter coat feel warm like the soft touch of a fur collar. We have a brand new long coat in a rich chocolate colored suede with mink fur accents for women. Versatile with removable mink accents, this coat can be dressed up and dressed down accordingly – its almost like two coats in one. Our men’s line of designer jackets includes a hoodie with a shearling lined hood and the Valtherm padding jacket also boasts a reinforced collar with a dark brown sheep skin collar.

The selected colors for the 2014 Collection include the ever popular black and dark brown but we have also added a rich blue, washed leather tobaccos and browns as well as a beautiful shade of red. The color pantone leans more towards the earthy shades, accenting our deep connection the land of Tuscany. The secret is the quality of the leather! When you have top quality leather it will always show the colors in the best possible light. Our washed leather selection adds the perfect vintage inspired look especially when coupled with the dark gray, gun metal colored hardware in the terms of zips and snaps.

Pierotucci leather jacket models prepares for her photo shootWhen can you expect to see these new designs online? As soon as our Pierotucci Winter Leather Jacket Sale comes to an end this week we will be prepping the new jackets and coats to go online. Our models and photographers are hard at work to get everything ready for the 18th of February – will you be ready as well?


About Pierotucci

Since 1972 Pierotucci has been designing and producing classic Italian Leather goods for men & women, including leather bags, leather handbags and purses, leather jackets and leather accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts and much more.
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