Lambskin vs. Calfskin – What’s the Difference?

leather excursion | Pierotucci Factory

Here at Pierotucci we use several types of high quality Italian leather, both lambskin and calfskin included. It’s not a matter of one being better than the other, as both leathers are considered a luxury material, but there are in fact several differences between the two.

As a general rule of thumb, we typically stick to using lambskin for leather garments such as jackets and coats and calfskin for handbags, wallets, and other leather accessories. The reason behind this is quite simple.

Lambskin is a much softer, buttery type of leather and also much more light weight, easily forming to the body. You wouldn’t want to put on a jacket that weighed you down to the floor, would you?

Toscanella Leather finished product

Calfskin however, is a tougher and thicker leather than lambskin, therefore better for handbags because the leather retains its shape more easily. Beyond the idea that lambskin is ultimately best for garments and calfskin for handbags, lambskin is also very insulative and protective, especially for its thiness. It stands up to cold climates better than any other synthetic material, which makes it the obvious choice for leather jackets. In comparison, calfskin is soft (although typically not as soft as lambskin) while remaining highly durable, making it good for harsh conditions and withstanding abrasions. So, the next time your’re out and about shopping for leather, feel the texture of it, look at the thickness, see how heavy it is and soon you will be a leather expert too.

leather excursion | Pierotucci Factory


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