About Pierotucci

Established in 1972, Pierotucci is an Italian leather factory with its own retail leather and jewelry stores located in Florence, Italy. Pierotucci is proud to be one of the few retail stores that carries on the old Florentine tradition of selling hand-crafted leather goods directly from its factory.

Pierotucci began as a small leather shop in the historical Florence center where Piero designed and manufactured all the leather goods himself, supplying local retailers with his creations. In the early 1980’s Piero started developing private label merchandise for famous designers such as Dunhill, Bally, Valentino Garavani, Fratelli Rossetti, Cole-Haan, and most recently, Hugo Boss. Throughout this period, business continued to grow and in early 1990 Piero achieved an even greater demand for his merchandise. In 1994, the handiwork of Pierotucci became available to the general public through the opening of the Leather goods shop which was quickly proceeded by the Art & Jewelry Shop. In 2002 came the unveiling of Pierotucci.com which was designed to offer Pierotucci’s quality leather goods throughout the world.

There are three classic styles that embody Pierotucci.com collection:

  • Classic Pierotucci: For over thirty-five years the Classic Pierotucci collection has played an important role in the Italian high fashion world.  Pierotucci’s mission has been to refine old world techniques and create pieces that exceed mass-production quality in wallets, belts, gloves and jackets.
  • Royal Highness:  First signature product line launched by Pierotucci in 1998, Royal Highness is a brand that brings together the highest quality materials with style like the name implies in a series of elegant business briefcases and ladies handbags.   Royal Highness can be seen in retail stores all over Europe.
  • Toscanella:  Recently launched, the Toscanella line is a collection of handbags, wallets, belts, briefcases, and various leather articles made with vegetable dyed Florentine Vacchetta leather. The idea behind Toscanella is to combine all the elements of Tuscany and its traditions and fuse them into today’s fashion world.

As of 2011 two new styles now make up the collection available on line:

  • Campo dei Fiori:  A pastel colored floral print on a soft and supple lambskin leather. This delicious and totally feminine collection of handbags and accessories consists of over 50 different models and styles.
  • Fortunata:  The expert design of the leather tote bag has different carrying options which takes this leather cross body bag way ahead of its rivals. Hand made in a variety of different colours, each bag has a limited number produced and a tic tac toe signature logo display. The logo shows which number bag it is and how many were produced. What’s in the name Fortunata? Fortunata means lucky in Italian.  The “corno” or as it is known in English, the red hot chilli pepper, is supposed to ward off evil and assure the owner of lucky flair in all that they do. .

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  2. Konstantina says:

    I checked your leather products, they are pretty indeed. Thank you so much for visiting my blog I appreciate it. I am looking forward to read your posts.

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  4. Thank you for liking my posts on Florence. Your leather products are beatutiful, I hope to be in Florence in November, I will stop by.

  5. Do you have a supplier or store in the US or UK?

  6. Rudzani says:

    hi, I will becoming Europe for a boat cruise, I will be in ROme on either the 28th/29 and in ITaly on the 1st, and would like to visit one of your factories

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  8. modelsadvices says:

    I am glad you stopped by and liked my post .. i work often in Florence and i just designed a bag line for a german brand. It’s great to meet you and to have the opportunity to read your posts.. Best!!! Thais

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