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Ladybug, ladybug, fly away and bring me some Italian good luck!

ladybugItalian folklore, like many other countries, puts the ladybug as a porta fortuna – or in other words the bearer of  good luck. Most probably originating from the fact that it was “simpatico” (cute) with its red and black coloring but, since we know that many traditions usually originate out of some element of truth it is more likely that it has its origins in the important role it played in a healthy garden.

In Italy, when you buy a floral bouquet or little gifts (especially for children) they will attach a little ladybug (or ladybird) on to the package so that you are assured of good luck …. just like the Corno (or chili pepper) attached to the Fortunata Designer Handbag from Pierotucci.

Who wouldn’t want to have a little bit of good luck attached to their brand new leather wallet ? Can you find the coccinella or ladybug in the photo below?

Ladybug, ladybug, fly away and bring me some Italian good luck!

Braccialini: Designer Ladies Wallets with a hint of Spring.

Pierotucci Embracing February Red

For more than one reason February is associated with red and hearts – Pierotucci is embracing the challenge to show you something red every day.  Just a little reminder to Go Red for Women and take care of your heart.

Featuring a roomy hand tote bag from FRANCESCO BIASIA in February red with patent black leather handles. Made from a soft and supple leather, this viscose lined ladies tote bag is just the trick for chasing away those winter Monaco blues!  Francesco Biasia is line of Italian leather handbags which has recently be taken over by the ever so colorful Braccialini designers.  The designs of F. Biasia have a tendency to offer classical styles for a mature shopper.  They can make an easy transition from the board room to the happy hour with their elegance and design.

February Red from Francesco Biasia Italian Leather HandbagsWhat’s different? The size of this Italian leather bag with the easy top zip closure is a nice contrast to the lightweight nature of the bag.  This means  you can load it up with tons of stuff and still carry it around easily.

What’s there to like about this Italian leather handbag?  It has a black base in a sturdy leather to protect it from scuffing.  The broad base makes assures a good balance when you set it down, making sure it won’t accidentally tip over.

What would be different? A bag this size would probably benefit from a shoulder strap.  However the drop on the handles is large enough to comfortably slip over the shoulder if necessary.
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What is Eco Pelle aka eco leather aka recycled leather?

The increasing use of environmental friendly raw material has made the designing fashion world take notice. Clientele are becoming more and more savvy concerning the environmental impact of certain types of raw material such as nappa leather. The advantages of using an alternative such as eco pelle also known as bonded or recycled leather are numerous, ranging from recycling waste products to cutting production and costs. This new consciousness has pushed designers into relying on eco pelle aka bonded leather, when sketching their newest handbag models and the reasons go far beyond customer satisfaction to include, product consistency, durability and a wide selection of leather effects make bonded or recycled leather a quality option to genuine leather.

It is a common question when visiting the only leather factory in Tuscany Italy that offers tours showing Italian craftsman and women cutting and assembling handbags: what do the tanneries and leather jacket producers do with all those scraps of leather? In the instances where the pieces are large enough to be utilized for smaller items such as leather wallets, key chains these pieces are gathered and re-cut. There is also the popular Fortunata Tote Bag which uses the remnants from other patterns which are a little larger and fit to create these one of a kind designer handbags. However, in the case where the pieces are too small, then these fibers and scraps are gathered together and reduced to a fibrous powder. This by-product then becomes the base of a man made equivalent to genuine leather sometimes called composition or bonded leather. This option utilizes what is called “wet blue” or leather off cuts direct from the tanneries and the scraps from the pattern cuttings which are destined to be thrown into landfill.

Cost is always a determining factor when analyzing production costs. The reduced cost of “eco pelle,” as the Italians would call it, is determined not only by the actual cost of the raw material but also in how well it covers the needs of the bag. Since composition or bonded leather can be made with consistent color and size, this allows for a better use of the leather. Animal hides will often have markings such as healed scars, growth marks, grain variations and color variations not to mention the varying thickness and odd shapes. Designers like Braccialini, who use intricate designs and require much manual labor, find that this type of synthetic leather is a perfect solution containing the price. This type of savings has positive results not only for the producer but translates into savings for the consumer as well.

Braccialini eco pelle wallets in eco leatherCommonly used for items that take quite a beating by the consumer like upholstery for furniture, cars, trains and book covers because it is prized for its longevity durability! It is these very reasons that fashion designers are considering a recycled leather for handbags, shoes and belts. When top Italian fashion designers like Francesco Biasia offer a new model they need to know that there is a price quality combination will protect their reputation and entice more shoppers.

Another important factor in using this faux leather is that it is virtually stain-proof. In fact, in many cases you can just wipe it down with no worries. In addition, recycled leather weighs less than genuine leather. This is an important consideration when considering fuel consumption on transport vehicles, a genuine leather upholstered train seat will weigh more than a recycled leather thus requiring more fuel for transport. Or a multi use tote bag is much lighter to lug around than a Campomaggi washed leather tote bag.Campomaggi washed leather bags

Though these factors are important, it is clear that in the fashion world this type of leather is distinguished due to its versatility. A designer can truly let their imagination create colorful fashion wonders such as pink faux python or a striped faux crocodile? Designers are in heaven when it comes to personalizing their handbag, shoe or belt collection with the ample selection of leather effects and the diversity of the colors. Fashion is always looking to push designers to the cutting edge, looking for practicality as well as beauty.

In a society that is becoming evermore conscious of how the raw materials are acquired, it is obvious that more and more environmental friendly alternatives will be made available. The rewards of producing recycled leather coupled with the characteristics of a stronger material, easier to clean and more versatile in its appearance has made this a viable alternative to genuine leather.

Take a bite out of the Big Apple with Braccialini Designer Handbags

Your first kiss in NYC with Braccialini Designer Handbags from Pierotucci

It was your kiss, my love, that made me immortal. – M. Fuller

But it will surely be Braccialini designer handbags and accessories that bring it to life each time they relive that first romantic kiss.  This is exactly what Braccialini excells at, taking a moment in time, a wistful daydream or a fanciful thought and transform it into a collage of handsewn leather appliques to create  an escape from a sometimes drab day into a world of make believe.  At first glance it wold be easy to brush this off as child’s play but that truly does not award merit to the intricate piecework that goes into each and everyone of the the Braccialini designer handbags or leather accessories.  Just look at the 3D deatil on the tree in NYC Central Park – this is craftsmanship that only an adult can appreciate.

Braccialini is the number one Italian designer for bringing whimsical moments to life and incorporating them into an everyday essential  item.  This eco leather handbag and ladies clutch wallet are from the Braccialini line called CARTOLINE, translated from Italian into English this means postcards.  And how appropriate!  They have made a list (and have checked it twice :-) ) to make sure there is an assortment of must see locations – NYC, Prague, North Pole, Baveria and Paris (to name a few) then they have recreated the best known monuments and moments and applied them to a line of classic shoulder bags and hand totes.

Braccialini, Porselli and Pashmina from Pierotucci
Braccialini Designer Accessories, Porselli Ballet Flats and Pashmina Scarves from Pierotucci

Another delicious designer located right here in Florence Italy, Braccialini has a wide range of designer handbags in 100% genuine leather, eco leather (a type of recylced leather) and canvas.  Not all of their bags are as elaborate and intricate as the the CARTOLINE or TUA SPRITZ line but perhaps the most characteristic bags from the Braccialini designers are those that evoke memories, fantasies and daydreams.  Just like the bling gems which are hand sewn on the Love in New York designer handbag, creating those skyscrappers which make New York City so memorable so do the Braccialini handbags and leather wallets – create a jumping off point for your next sweet memory.

Braccialini and Skyscraper gems on Designer handbags from Pierotucci
Braccialini and Skyscraper Gems, Bling and More

Braccialini is the spark to the Italian fantasia

TUA SPRITZ from Braccialini designer handbags

Traditionally speaking, Italian leather handbags are either labeled with the adjectives elegant and sophisticate – like Chanel, Louis Vutton, Pierotucci, Francesco Biasia and Royal Highness or they are considered on the cutting edge, pushing designers to look a little further like Caterina Lucchi, Furla and Gucci.

But there really is a third category and that is fun and fanciful, like Braccialini. This designer takes fashion to a truly playful level asking the wearer to be lighthearted – perhaps reminding them to smell the roses along the way.  One of the more recent designs from Braccialini  calls out to animal lovers across the world.

Doting cat and dog owners should get a good laugh out of these appliques mixing texture, bling, and colors to form the perfect image to go with the embroidered catch phrase.

Honestly speaking it’s a bit difficult to decide if this items are for the younger crowd or simply the young at heart.  With themes that could potentially appeal to my 13 year old niece (like Rock Cat, with 3D whiskers!) or even my Mom, who is totally infatuated with her cuddly little dog – definitely under the heading Princess Dog, royal crown included.

Eco leather wallets and handbags from Braccialini, Florence, Italy

Exotic Voyage with Braccialini

The Italians have a saying, il mondo è bello perch’è varia.

The world is beautiful because of all the differences.

I believe that Braccialini designer Italian handbags embraces this thought and turns it into hobo bags, tote bags and ladies handbags.  Braccialini handbag and ladies accessories always work around a theme and the newest addition we have is designed to evoke a feeling of traveling the twisting, curving roads or exotic spices and flavors with its bright colors, sparkles and glam.

The ladies designer handbag with gold leather top handles is a perfect example of using an accessory to create a look – just imagine this flashy ladies handbag with its patchwork of provacatic colors paired up with a pair of jeans, a button up white shirt and a blazer…

Exotic Travels

Splashing in the rain

inspired by the weather forecast for this first official work day in 2012. There was a great desire to add a splash (that had nothing to do with the passing cars and puddles along the street) of color to what could be considered a bit of a drab day between the massive back to work re-entry, the clustering rain clouds and the upcoming threat of all kinds of new taxes and price hikes in the Italian government. The bright spot in this day – other than the fantastic orange found in our Braccialini shoulder bag, is that this week (at least for the Italians) is another short work week!! Friday is (yet another)  a national holiday celebrating Epiphany on the catholic calendar, however most Italians know it as the BEFANA, which says there is an old witch who distributes gifts and stockings full of candies to little children….and some not so little children.

Splashing in the rain

Burberry trench coat
$1,495 -

Sperry Top-Sider tall boots
$60 -

Tote bag
€242 -

Folding umbrella
$130 -