Italian Leather Care Tips!

We’ve been getting quite a bit of traffic through the store lately, and I have found myself frequently writing down our blog web address for all those interested in the maintenance of their leather garments and bags.  Now I realize I have already posted all this information as updates in the blog, but with all things in life there is always room for improvement.  I wanted to make finding our tips quicker and easier for all involved.  That being said, please look below for information for the treatment of your leather product.  As always, I encourage  you to comment if you have a specific leather care question I have not answered.

Leather Garment Care

Dry Climate:Condition at least 4 times a year, and always condition after getting the jacket/garmet even slightly wet. This will help avoid cracking.

Wet Climate:Use a waterproof cream or spray 4 times a year. If your climate is extremely wet, waterproof every 2 months. Condition the garmet/jacket, wait till it is completely dry, then waterproof it. This will help keep the leather looking new after using the waterproofing coat.

Snow/Salt: Salt is a killer for leather, because it drys out the natural oils, which leads to cracking. Imagine yourself after a long day at the beach! Your skin needs moister! Salt also stains. The best way to remove salt is to use a very soft sponge, dampen it, and lightly press the sponge on the affected areas. If the salt is dry, it will be much easier to see how well you are removing it. It is best to try and use the sponge before the salt has dried. After you have done this, recondition the affected area.

**If you live in an area that has many climate changes (i.e. the mid-western states of America), we recommend that you condition it 4 times, and waterproof only during the wet season. Waterproof it once again at the end of the wet season. This last waterproofing will last throughout the occasional summer showers.

Storage!Always store your leather garmet/jacket in a cloth bag. Leather needs to breathe! Do not seal it up in a plastic bag. If your bag did not come with a cloth bag, and all you have is plastic, then put holes in the plastic and do not tie the bottom. Store the garmet/jacket at room temperature, preferably in a dimly lighted area. Try NOT to fold it.

Products to be on the lookout for: Zymol leather care kit, Meguiars Gold Class Cleaner and Conditioner, Lexus leather care kit.

When in doubt, consult a luxury car dealership. The majority of leathers used in their interiors are the same kinds of high quality leathers used in garmet and jacket production.

Stain Removal Methods

Garment and Car leathers (Nappa lambskin):This is a very delicate leather, and therefore must be treatedwith the utmost care. Using standard leather car care products is fine, but make-up removal creams tend to be a lot gentler on the leather, preventing premature wear and tear. Garments, such as jackets and clothing, are even more delicate. Try rubbing the gentlest make-up remover onto a very small area, and wait till it dries. We ask you to do this to make sure the remover did not leave a stain of its own. If it didn’t, then proceed to clean the entire garment.

Bag and Briefcase leathers (Vacchetta): Bag leathers tend to be a lot less delicate as they are made from much sturdier types of leathers. We use mostly Vacchetta leather. Florentine Vacchetta leather is cowhide from cows that have been raised in controlled pastures in Tuscany. Therefore minimal scratches and scuffs can be easily repaired by rubbing them out with your fingers or a standard leather conditioner. Liquid normally will bead and wipe off easily.

Suede:The best conclusion I came to, after asking just about everyone that works in our factory, is that suede is best clean with a soft brush. So the next time you are about to throw out an old toothbrush, keep it and put it away for the future. We all are inclined to not buy suede do to its high maintenance nature, but wind up buying something suede during our lifetime. Old toothbrushes come in handy outside the military as well!

Shoe Leather:Naturally shoe leather can vary, so the treating and cleaning of them vary as well. It is hard to anticipate how to care for shoe leather stains, aside from using shoe polish. Please ask directly if you have a question regarding a specific type of stain.

 Ink: Impossible! Naturally the sooner to treat an ink stain the better chance you have at removing it. Some sites suggest rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab. We do not recommend this. Ink is absorbed into the leather, so avoid this stain at all costs!

 Coffee: Medium, coffee should wipe right off a leather like Vacchetta, but for suede we recommend you remove as much liquid by patting it out of the leather. Do Not Rub It! Use lukewarm water slightly soapy, then with a damp cloth to get the soap out, then pat dry with a dry cloth.

 Oils: Hard, use absorbent powders like Talcum and Cornstarch. Cover the area of the stain completely with a thick layer of powder, and let sit for a while (hour or two). Gently blow the powder off. If some powder remains, leave it be. It means it is still absorbing the oil. Brush off lightly later.

Also please reference our Website for information on different types of leathers, and leather terminology!


20 Responses to Italian Leather Care Tips!

  1. Thank you i have enjoyed reading your post and website, we often get bags in with water marks or dye transfer on.

  2. Hello! I recently would like to provide a huge thumbs up for that excellent information you’ve here with this publish. I might become returning once more for your website for additional shortly.

  3. Foot care says:

    Really excellent blog! I’ve gone through your blog and found very informative tips here for me. I like it and hope from you to continue it in future also. Keep it up.

  4. dearandi says:

    I just noticed your leather care tips and love this advice! Hope you have some more to share soon!

  5. Teresa Rodriguez says:

    will you make me a bespoke handbag?

    • Pierotucci says:

      Interesting request. We can customize many of bags with monograms, handle length and even colors and linings – however we normally do not custom make a bag because the expense out ways the acutally cost of the bag.

  6. Cheryl says:

    I have braccialini handbag that looks like a parrot with a gold head. It is blue, lime green, yellow and orange. I have had it for years and love it! I put in storage and it sat against another handbag.And now has a dark stain on the lime green part. Please help me. I don’t know how to
    remove the stain. It was very expensive and I saved a long time for it.
    Happy Holidays
    Hope to hear back soon

  7. Cheryl says:

    Please help me ,I have a stain on my Braccialini leather handbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Rachael says:

    Hello, I have bought a leather jacket from Florence from a company called Pelletteria La Noce. My jacket feels a bit dry on the right sleeve and I don’t know how to care for the jacket. Since I spent 140 on the jacket, I want to make sure I keep it in top condition. Any help would be great.

  9. Rachael Mady says:

    My friend told me its normal. it just doesn’t feel AS soft as the rest of the jacket. I think the type of leather is lamb and I’ve worn it a couple times. It’s not got some scratches and smudges on it and I don’t know if that is okay or what. I want to protect it and where it as long as I can

    • Pierotucci says:

      Most leather jackets are made from lambskin, and there can be some texture differences between one piece and another since they need to use more than one piece of leather to make the jacket. Remember to keep it away from excessive heat and humidity – to store it in a cool dry place on a hanger and keep it covered so but with something that will allow the leather to breath.

  10. Mathew Reed says:

    Kornblums Onsite Mobile Dry cleaning specializes in cleaning all of your fabric with care. We use exclusive Chameleon Clean technology to remove all the stains.
    Leather Cleaning Adelaide

  11. Arielle delong says:

    Hello I have some Clarksriding boots (maymie stellar) that I have a love hate relationship with. They are Italian leather and I love the look and feel of them but I can’t keep water off of them it seems. I only have worn them twice when it seemed dry outside the ground may have been damp but not really wet, and they some how have gotten a few small dark spots. I used an oiled leather sponge on them the day before and then used Clarks water proofing spray two coats but from what I have experienced the spray doesn’t even remotely stop the water from soaking in. I had a droplet go on and wiped it off immediately and it still left a stain. What am I doing wrong?! Also how long do I let the water stain dry before trying to use the oiled leather sponge as clarks recommends or is this the wrong aproach? Please help!! I feel like I can never wear these boots outside lol

    • Pierotucci says:

      Dear Arielle

      Amazingly enough, I have these same boots, but the shorter version. I absolutely love them. They are my favourite pair. I have them in the cognac colour, so yes, marks do show. I have not had the problem with the dark stains though. I think once you have polished them up a few times, the spots should start to fade.

  12. Rachael says:

    Should I do anything with my leather jacket besides keep it stored properly? Should I put anything on it to keep the leather in shape?

  13. Arielle delong says:

    That’s funny! Thanks so much 😊

  14. can you tell me the best leather conditioner for my car seat

  15. LeatherBaba says:

    Thanks for the information
    mens leather clothing

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