The story of a Customization:  FROM THAT ……. TO THIS ………

Basically the customization of an Italian leather handbag is as simple as “ask and you shall receive”.

Our happy shopper A.S. from Switzerland came to us with an idea about a leather business bag from the Tucci Collection she had fallen in love with on our site. It was the size she needed, it had all the pockets she needed, it was the perfect “war bag” for her business.  BUT, she required some modifications so that she could carry all of her necessary items, and she wanted a quality bag, hand crafted with all the trimmings, but without the fancy designer label potentially putting off her prospective clients.

Step by step, the bag took shape. Our master craftsman, Marco Galli has been designing and making bags for most of his adult life, and he knows exactly what will work and what wont. So for example, when A.S. said she wanted the shoulder strap to be attached at the sides, he immediately knew that this would not work for this kind of bag. It has two gussets and when the shoulder strap would be in use, then the shape and form of the bag would be contorted in such a way that would be ugly and unsafe for the design. So he suggested that the strap be attached to the back and this worked perfectly.

Customization and personalized Italian leather handbags and bags

1)  We converted a masculine style bag, into a more feminine, versatile bag which oozes charm and sophistication at every angle.

2)  The top handle was eliminated.

3)  We took away the two shoulder straps and replaced them with rolled leather handles that were long enough for them to be slipped over the wrist for a more elegant and feminine carrying option.

4)  We added a much longer detachable shoulder strap which can be comfortable over one shoulder or used as a cross body bag.

The whole concept of the bag has gone from masculine to feminine with just a few tweaks and for only a nominal fee for the extra work and leather, A.S. has a bag that will take her to every business meeting for a very long time. She was absolutely thrilled, and took the time to write to us and praise us on a job well done.

Even fully loaded, as you can see in the picture I made, it holds its form beautifully.  Your craftspeople are to be congratulated on a great concept and job well done.


We try to accommodate every customised request, some we can do, others not. Pierotucci is one of the finest Florentine factories in Tuscany and they go that extra mile in trying to satisfy the needs of the customer, be it colour and type of leather, length of handles or monogramming.



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