Tour of the Two Seas

This month we at Pierotucci would like to compliment non-profit organizations and associations, and to highlight one particular event that…

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leather excursion | Pierotucci Factory

Lambskin vs. Calfskin – What’s the Difference?

Here at Pierotucci we use several types of high quality Italian leather, both lambskin and calfskin included. It’s not a matter of one being better than the other, as both leathers are considered a luxury material, but there are in fact several differences between the two.

As a general rule of thumb, we typically stick to using lambskin for leather garments such as jackets and coats and calfskin for handbags, wallets, and other leather accessories.

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What is a Monogram? A Monogram is a design that incorporates letters in the same place; these letters can be…

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New Designer Handbags

Pierotucci leather factory launched a new limited edition for Summer 2015 in woven leather which is among one of the…

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