Tip 2: How to keep your Leather bag in shape when storing them away

Tip 2 the form of your leather bagI promise, this does not include any time spent on the treadmill or doing abs (unless you really want to).  Taking care of your leather bag, handbag or briefcase is simple.  Actually the most important steps you can take to safeguard the long life of your bag won’t even cost you a dime. Yet they can double the life of your leather bag investment!  Last week, we spoke in detail on  how to protect your purchase or gift in a protective cloth bag.  Today we want to elaborate on how to store your leather bag or briefcase so that it keeps its shape.

Leather will fold and bend, and when stored for long periods of time will take on the form and creases of all that folding and bending.  Therefore when slipping your leather item into the protective cloth bag provided with your Pierotucci item, be sure not to distort the natural flow of the item.  Before slipping your bag into it’s protective cover, take the time to empty the bag completely and to stuff it with tissue paper.  Use white or a neutral color paper so that you don’t risk any color transfer during the storage period.  We suggest that you follow these simple steps to stuffing your bag to good health!

When stuffing the bag you should 1) bunch up a couple pieces of tissue paper in order to give the roll some thickness.

Stuffing your leather bag with tissue paper
Lightly ball up a few sheets of tissue paper

2) Place them on a flat sheet of tissue paper and start to roll them up.

Roll the tissue paper for you leather bag
Use a flat sheet of white or a neutral colored tissue paper

3) Fold the ends of the tissue paper over the top to make the roll as long as the bag is wide – you are making this to fit into the base of the bag to help it keep its form, so in other words the roll you are making should be as long and wide as the bag itself.

Tissue paper fits in the base of your bag
The tissue paper roll should snuggly fit in the base of your bag

If the briefcase or handbag is divided into several sections then you should make the rolls seperately so that each section gets filled.  You will create the height of the bag by making more rolls to fit in.

Finished roll of tissue paper for leather bag
This form will fill in all four corners of the bag, make more to fill the height.

4) Gently stuff the rolls into your leather bag – there is no need to fill the bag too much, just enough that it will stand and look as if it were full – showing no creases or unnatural folds.

Once you have finished putting the paper in the bag you can slip it in to the protective cover and draw the strings closed.  Be sure to store the bag free and clear of other objects that might push into the bag and change the form.

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